8 New Google Business Profile Services

we help local businesses generate more customers from their Google Business Profiles

Directory and Citation (Done-For-You Service)

Having a great website is no longer enough to attract local customers. There are more 100 different platforms and directories that people look to when searching for products and services near their home or office. It’s not only important for your business to have a presence (or listing) on the directories relevant to your industry, it’s very important that your business information on each directory is correct.

the maximum number of customers on these directories requires your business information to be up-to-date at all times, 24/7/365.

Our Google Business Profile services include setting up and managing your citations for you, without you having to lift a finger. Our FREE online presence checker will show you how well your business is listed on the major directories.Learn more about our Directory and Citation Service

Local Review Complete (Done-For-You Service)

This is one of our multi-component Google Business Profile services. It has two (2) components:


Our review service takes care of gathering, responding to, marketing and reporting on your online reviews. We provide email and SMS templated messages, as well as an online review collection widget that helps you consistently gather online reviews.

We provide a dedicated person, trained in your business voice, to respond individually to each online review that’s left. Responding to reviews in a timely and appropriate manner is time consuming and an interruption, this feature ensures your reviews are responded to without tying up one of your employees.

Your website review widget displays only the best mix of reviews for all visitors to see.

Our review dashboard makes monitoring the impact of the reviews, simple.

2.Directory and Citation Listings

We’ll ensure that your business listing information is being accurately displayed and updated on all relevant directories at all times.

Our Google Business Profile services do this for you. To learn more, visit our Local Review Complete service page.

Local Social Complete (Done-For-You Service)

This is one of our multi-component Google business profile services, it includes 3 services:

1.Google Business Profile and Social Media Posting

Google Business Profiles are essentially free websites Google provides to local businesses. The value of this listing is significantly amplified when it’s inside Google’s Map Pack.

It’s not uncommon for your best customers to reach your Google Business Profile listing and go no further. That’s right, many won’t bother to click to your website. They’ll decide to call, message or schedule with you, directly from your GMB page, or not.

It’s become critical to put your best foot forward on GBP and posting to your Google Business profile consistently, is an important and underutilized way to stand out. Local business owners are just now starting to catch on.

Have you?

One of our unique Google Business Profile services is our GBP Posting service. The service can help you capture more customers before getting to your site.

What about those visitors to your website?

Do you have social media buttons on your website that link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube or Linked in? If you’re like a majority of local business owners, those links lead to social ghost towns.

When was the last time you posted to your Facebook page or Twitter account?

Social media posting has become just as important as obtaining recent reviews (and responding to them). Most websites contain static information that’s rarely updated. Consumers are sophisticated. They turn to social media view the latest updates and to see what’s going on in your business.

We developed a proprietary social posting formula, called INFOFAQ. We implement it for you in our done-for-you Google Business Profile services. What it does is simple. It mixes up a variety of non-exclusive content, that’s branded to your business and posted to your connected social profiles and your GBP page. We post 2x a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. This way, there’s always fresh content on your accounts. Now when potential customers click those buttons, they see engaging and recent content that provides insight personalization into your business activities.

You can learn more about GBP posting here.


Our review service makes it easy to gather, respond to, market and view reporting on your online reviews. We provide templated messages and an online review collection widget to help you consistently gather online reviews.

One of our personalized Google Business Profile services…

Responding to online reviews.

We provide a dedicated person, that’s trained to respond in your business’ tone. This person responds individually to each online review.

Let our team respond to your reviews.

3.Directory and Citation Listings

We make sure that your business information is listed correctly on all relevant directories 24/7

To learn more, visit our Local Social Complete service page.

Review Management with Review Responses (Done-For-You Service)

Many businesses now realize the importance of promptly responding to online reviews. It’s important not only respond, but to do it in a timely manner. It’s not easy to do that. The only options for most business owners is to respond themselves or to assign that responsibility to an employee.

Worried about that? You’re not alone.

Letting someone respond to reviews on your behalf. A cause for concern, right?

Relax. It doesn’t have to be.

You see, we have a rather unique review management service…a trained review responder for your business. It’s one of most sought after Google business profile services.

Believe it or not, we’ll provide a dedicated staff member to your business. With our response escalation features you have the ability to be as involved in the review response process as you’d like. Our review responder can forward you their responses to sensitive reviews and you have the ability to edit, request a revision, or post it live as is. All of this can be done directly from your email or mobile device.

Eliminate the burden of responding to online reviews, it’s easier and more affordable than you would think.

Review Management Online Review Platform
(Do It Yourself)

Our online review management platform provides an easy to use, affordable way to stay on top of your online reviews. They’re not going away, and most of your potential customers look to them before deciding to do business with you.

We’d love to do it for you as one of our most popular Google Business Profile services, but if you prefer to manage things yourself, our easy to use online review management platform just may be the answer!

GBP Posting (Done-For-You Service)

GBP listings are free online properties available to local businesses. They become more valuable inside Google’s, 3 business inclusion Map Pack. Many business owners report a significant increase in calls, messages and clicks as a result of their business being included here.

These GBP listings have changed the local search landscape…

Consumers often have all the information they need to decide upon a business to contact, just from visiting a business’ GBP listing. That’s right, many people stop right there and never make it your website.

As a result, it’s crucial that your business make every possible effort on GBP to connect with potential customers. Consistently posting to your GBP page is an overlooked first step, many of your competitors aren’t doing.

Our GBP Posting service is one of our most popular Google business profile services for updating a profile listing.

What about those social media icons on your website?

Do you have social media icons on your website? You know, the ones that link to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Have you considered where those links go? If you’re like most business websites, those links are taking your potential customers to digital ghost towns. Do you really want people to see an inactive, unresponsive page that hasn’t been updated in weeks or months?

Think about this…

Your prospects look online, they Google you! How do they decide whether they’re going to call you or someone else? They look to your online reviews to see what others are saying about you.

What do they do next?

They look to see what’s going on inside your business. How do they do that? They look at your social media. You can’t control what other’s say about you online, it’s reactive. The best you can do is position your business in it’s best light and be responsive to online reviews as they come in.

One of the best Google Business Profile services to control the narrative…

Social posting is proactive. And unlike with online reviews, with social posting, you get to control the narrative. Most business owners don’t realize this. Social posting, whether on GBP, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allows you to control the content. You get to educate, inform and establish authority and credibility that’s positioned entirely on its own (unlike online reviews that compare everyone publicly).

INFOFAQ is a proprietary social posting formula we developed as part of our Google business profile services. As a customer, you’re free to use it. In fact, we’ll set up all the content using it on your behalf. Very simply, here’s what it does. It diversifies non-exclusive content, that’s branded to your business and posted to your connected social profiles and your GBP page. Twice a day we post to your profiles, based on this formula, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Doing this means there’s always fresh content on each of your social media accounts.

Now you get to control the narrative. Clicking those buttons, your best prospects see fresh and engaging content that provides educates, informs and validates they’re selecting you.

You can learn more about controlling the narrative with Google Business Profile posting.

GBP Posting & Social Media Posting Platform

Local businesses need every advantage they can get to stand apart from their competition online. One of the easiest and most fruitful ways to do that is by consistently posting to your profile. In most industries, posting to GBP is an after thought that’s being overlooked as an opportunity to reach prospective customers first.

We make it easy to do that. With our online platform you can find amazing content to post, not only to your GBP listing, but to all of your connected social profiles including: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and You Tube.

Our easy to use platform will have you scheduling a consistent flow of engaging social content across your entire network of online properties. Now when prospects Google you, they’ll find oodles of great content you share.

Learn how you can get started today.

GBP Management (Done-For-You Service)

The most comprehensive of all our Google Business Profile services, our GMB Management service takes all the worry and work away from you.

Each review provides your business with free feedback and an opportunity to improve. But sifting through each review can be a time-consuming process. Instead, keep tabs on your progress with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. You customize which reports you’d like to receive and we will deliver them to your inbox at your preferred time.

A properly optimized and managed Google Business listing can generate a consistent flow of phone calls from eager customers. Getting your business into Google’s Map Pack can mean all the difference when it comes to having a full calendar.

Google selects 3 local businesses per category. The ones they select get a vast majority of the calls from the Map Pack positioning. As a local business owner, you need to be here.

Our Google Business Profile services optimize and manage your listing to get your business listing inside the Google Map Pack. The service consists of search engine optimizing your GBP page, managing and responding to reviews, updating the directories that are most relevant to your customers, creating and posting amazing content and photos to your GMB page and connected social media accounts.

You can get a look at all the details we’ve put together.

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